The Music Biz is Broken 

In this crazy time of failed record companies and impoverished artists, Waxsimile Productions offers a new model for a record label. One based on a viable, profitable and fair method of producing, promoting, and distributing music. At present, artists suffer shrinking incomes, brick and mortar music retail stores have nearly disappeared, and file sharing (though a potential avenue of affluence) has been largely ignored by record marketers. This decline is the result of indifference, greed and shortsightedness. Record companies have largely taken advantage of their creative artists; claiming this exploitation is reasonable payment for their having discovered or created the successful careers of musicians.

We at Waxsimile do not dispute the effective role record companies have played in the past. However, we see no reason a popular artist should find themselves with a successful record on the charts and yet recoup little from their work due to production expenses, tour costs, and marketing fees. We see a way for producers and artists to generate profit based on equity and ethics. We envision and believe in a business model based on sound principles and proper planning that will not fail to provide a quality product to the market.

A new Approach

In crisis - An Opportunity

The dire state of the motion picture business affords numerous new opportunities for musicians. The once robust art of great story telling in cinema has been replaced by long-format, serialized television programming delivered to consumers in an on-demand format. Think of the programming offered by Netflix, Amazon, and Apple. Think of “Breaking Bad,” “Downton Abbey,” or HBO’s “Ray Donavan” as a few of the successful examples of this format.

Many of these shows utilize original film scores, as well as original music, songs and instrumental content that contribute to the dramatic effect of the production. Filmmakers have opted to utilize original music of high quality that is less than familiar to the public so as to create a novel sound for montages and show tags; using music that enhances their narrative in a rather anonymous fashion. This music plays a significant role in storytelling, stimulating the emotions of the viewer without depending on familiarity or nostalgia. Waxsimile Productions provides a music form well suited to this need that promotes original works through distribution to music editors, music supervisors and theatrical composers.

We believe Bob Dylan found Bob Dylan. That Simon and Garfunkel created the folksy yet urbane sound that overtook the charts in the late 1970s. And that the Beatles personally revolutionized popular music on their own. These artists only needed exposure and distribution.
— Tim Boyle, Waxsimile Productions