Dinner with Dillbilly

Further Details…

Dinner & Show night was a perk Dillbilly offered during their indiegogo fundraiser last year. It was such a success that we’re bringing it back for you to enjoy. Amongst Dillbillys career as an artist, they also spend time in the garden growing quality foods and cooking impeccable meals from scratch that will leave you and your taste buds craving more. Two of Dillbilly’s loves combined into one night will surely leave an impression on your soul.

What is included in Dinner & Show night? I’m glad you asked…

  • A personal chef that will cook a 3-course meal in the comfortability of your own home

  • All meals are dietary tailored to meet you and your friends needs

  • All exclusive and intimate performance by Dillbilly

  • The satisfaction of supporting local artists on top of a full stomach, and a night you wont forget

Whether your throwing a house event or trying to impress your friends with connections to mouth watering food and a private show. Or maybe you just want to relax and treat yourself for a special evening with you and your family without the hassle of cooking or cleaning. Dinner & Show night is for YOU! Dillbilly will leave you and your family/friends talking about this for ages, along with a spotless kitchen to finish. Support your local artist today by going to the Store link and checking this feature out now!

Are you concerned with your pets? No problem, Dillybilly loves animals. In fact has their very own dog walking business. Have any other questions or concerns? For more specific details please continue to check out or contact us at info@waxsimile.com. We would love to answer.

A picture capturing Dillbilly’s Performance at Dinner & Show night!

A picture capturing Dillbilly’s Performance at Dinner & Show night!