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Waxsimile Productions is a record label and production company operating out of Oakland, California that blends the highest level of analog production with a wide roaming taste in music. True to their name, Waxsimile Productions presses high-end vinyl for every release in order to showcase the one aspect of music they value over all others: performance, alive with vibrant sound.

With decades of experience in the music industry, Waxsimile Production’s founder Tim Boyle has worked with everyone from Peter Frampton to The Rolling Stones. He recorded at classic, era-defining studios like Wally Heider Recordings and Sound City Studios, and has an IMDB page that’s pages long. For years, he was the go-to score mixer in Hollywood, a distinction that earned him a place in such iconic works as Terminator 2, The Hunt for Red October, The Addams Family, and many more. Working with large film orchestras, both in the recording and mixing stage, Boyle attuned his ears to the smallest details, a talent that’s at the core of Waxsimile Productions’ work.

Waxsimile’s catalogue embraces singer-songwriters, vocal groups, instrumental improvisation, world music, and even genre-bending collaborations like underground hip-hop mixed with a Balkan brass orchestra. It’s an eclectic catalogue, but what ties everything together at Waxsimile Productions is a drive to get the best sound from the best performances, and to get it in an authentic and organic way. This drive is what keeps Boyle going: “I’m getting older and I have a different perspective of what I’m doing and who I am,” he says. “I’m working as hard as I ever have, I’m just doing it a different way.”


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