Tim Young & the Questionaires EPK

In 2016, guitarist Tim Young stopped by the Fretboard Journal offices on a day when Bill Frisell happened to be in town. Before we knew it, these two friends were performing a couple of tunes for our cameras. Here, the duo work through a piece of Young's, tentatively titled "G Minor."


Guitar wizard Tim Young has recorded his first record for Waxsimile Productions. Tim leads his motley band of musical denizens with a hearty brew of Rock, Bop, and Highbrow sure to satisfy the most discerning musical appetite. Tim and the boys, Danny Frankel (drums), Jon Ossman (bass) and Peter Adams (keys) have colluded to brew up some of the most original and diverse music in today’s popular market. Be assured that Tim Young & the Questionaires will leave no questions unanswered.


Tim Young plays lead guitar for the funkiest band on late night Television. Band Leader, the iconic Reggie Watts, invited Tim to join the Late, Late Show Band when James Corden assumed the role of Host. With Tim’s contribution, the band’s spontaneous style has re-written the role music plays in late night entertainment. Tim’s incredible skills evolved from his conservatoire studies in the Seattle area and his deep passion for his instrument. He has played with innumerable musical paragons like Beck, Fiona Apple and Todd Rundgren. One producer said of Tim’s music, “he can play a solo a hundred times, never repeating himself, and each will be original and right in the pocket!” Enjoy Tim’s latest Record, released on Waxsimile Records. 

Questionaires expresses value in the little things – with its contents bearing a striking and essential message about the aggregate of life’s every-day problems. It whispers; let us take a step back and enjoy the day for what it is, friends.
— The Knockturnal